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Silica Pebbles

Product Name: Silica Pebbles
Package:In bulk, Jumbo bags, One bag with one pallet, Two bags with one pallet
Sample:Free sample available
MOQ: 1 Ton
Delivery:Within two weeks after confirming order

Product introduction:

Silica pebbles is mined in mines. It has the characteristics of high silicon, low iron, high density and wear resistance, smooth surface. And is a high-quality grinding medium. Silica pebbles have three different grades: Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, respectively.

SiO2 as the main content of silica pebbles, is the indispensable raw materials in ceramic production. Which has an important impact on the properties and quality of ceramics.

First, the silica content determines the hardness and compressive strength of the ceramic. When making ceramics, the appropriate addition of silicon can increase the harness and stablility of the ceramic body, so that the ceramic has better wear resistance and durability.

Secondly, the content of silica will also affect the fine degree and texture of the ceramic. Higher content of silica can improve the sintering temperature and sintering density of ceramics, making the porcelain body more dense and uniform, thus showing a more delicate texture and surface quality.

In addition, the silica content will directly affect the whiteness and light transmittance of ceramics. For the production of white porcelain and transparent porcelain, it is necessary to use a high content of silica to make the porcelain body appear white and bright and good light transmission.

Technical specification:

TDS--Silica pebbles

silica pebbles for grinding

Application field:

application field of silica pebbles

Product features:

  • High SiO2 with low Fe2O3 contents

  • High density and hardness and low abrasion

  • Good roundness

  • Consistent specification

Comparison report:

comparison report of flint pebbles

Under the same test condition, test report from our Japanese customer show the difference from our Dalian pebbles & French pebbles:

  • Density: 2.68g/cm3 of Dalian pebbles higher than 2.62g/cm3 of french pebbles.

  • Wear loss: wear loss of Dalian pebbles is 40g, less than 50g of french pebbles.

Our advantages and services:

  • Dalian Gaoteng was established in 2000, has rich export experience, cooperate with over 170 customers, often export to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the middle east…

  • Due to customers from different industries could have different requirement, we can help you to choose suitable product.

  • Besides, we have own logistics company, can offer the best service and favorable price to you.

Packing details:

Packing of silex balls

packing of Silex Balls

Jumbo Bags

packing of Silex Balls

One Bag With One Pallet

packing of Silex Balls

Two Bags With Pallet

packing of Silex Balls

In Bulk

Production process:

production process of flint pebbles


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