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  • What we do?

    We are a manufacturer of grinding media,supplier of all kinds of ceramic raw materials.
    Flint pebbles and alumina ball are widely used to grind the clumpy materials to fine powder in ball mill,improve grinding efficiency
    And silex blocks and alumina lining bricks are used as mill liner to protect the machine and lengthen the using life of ball mill.
  • Which countries do you mainly export to?

    Most of our customers are in Japan,Southeast Asia,the Middle East,Europe etc ...
  • What’s the advatage of your company

    1)We have mine and factory
    2)Own international export company and international logistic company
    3)More than 20 years export experience
    4)Alibaba gold supplier with good credit for 16years
    5)Export to more than 40 countries and 170 customers
    Over 10 customers cooperated with us more than 15 years
  • What is the annual output of silica pebbles and silex lining bricks

    flint pebbles: 10000 tons
    Silex lining bricks: 10000tons
    Alumina balls & alumina bricks: 40000tons 
  • What information you need to prepare if you want to get an exact quotation from us?

    1) For Flint pebbles and alumina ball, you need to tell us your required size(diameter) and quantity.
    2) For silex blocks and alumina lining bricks, you need to kindly tell us your ball mill size (Diameter and Length) and the thickness of bricks you prefer.Then we will calculate the weight you need for one ball mill and give you an reasonable price.
  • What’s the process -- Flint Pebbles

    The raw material is from silica mine,not river pebbles
    Mining -- Sorting raw rock -- Manual Cuting -- Grinding -- Screening -- Packing
  • Flint pebbles are from river or mountain?

    Our pebbles are from mountain,first we use explosive mining,and put the rocks into the ball mill for grinding 6-8 hours,make them to become round shape,then screen the similar size,and finally package them into the bags.
    If you need river pebbles,we can supply also.
  • Important index to evaluate quality --- Flint Pebbles

    Our flint pebbles have the higher silica content of 99.31%, and the density is 2.66g/cm3,so it decides the pebbles with hardness of 8 mohs and better wear resistance.
    The whiteness after firing reach the standard for tableware because our pebbles contain the low iron of 0.018%.
    The surface of pebbles will have a little powder,but it won’t influence the raw materials in the ball mill
    Because the powder is made from the pebbles during the process of grinding.
  • Which industries can grinding media be applied to?

    Ceramic industry ( Tiles, Sanitaryware, Tableware,Porcelain)
    Glass Industry
    Electronic Industry
    Quartz Industry
    Cement industry
    Chemical Industry(painting,pigment)
  • The Size of silex lining bricks

    Usually,the thickness for sidewall is thinner than body.
    Length and width usually are a range,different sizes assure the blocks to be stably installed on the ball mill.
    And the sum of width for all rows is equal to the the perimeter of the ball mill,the sum of length for all columns is equal to the length of the ball mill. 
    1).Length:200-350mm;Width:150-220mm;Thickness:130-140mm;140-150mm;160-180mm;180-200mm for drum/body of ball mill 
    2).Length:200-350mm;Width:150-220mm;Thickness:120-130mm; 130-140mm;140-150mm;160-180mm;180-200mmfor sidewall of ball mill 
    Remark:other sizes can be produced according to your requests.
  • What's the processing method of silex lining?

    We can supply both manual cutting and machine cutting.

  • How many years can ball mill lining use?

    Normally 2.5-3 years,it will be decided by what material use to grind,usually grind ceramic glaze material,the use time will be more longer.

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