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grinding balls used to ceramic industry
Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Industry

Ceramic grinding balls have the characteristics of high hardness and low wear. They are mainly used in ball mills to grind, mix, crush and polish various ceramic materials, such as ceramic powder, ceramic materials, ceramic glazes, etc. It can efficiently grind materials into fine powder state, improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality of ceramic products, effectively reduce production costs.

Chemical Industry

Ceramic grinding balls have high hardness, good wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance and high stability, and are widely used in the chemical industry. Such as various chemical raw materials, coatings, pigments, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc. Ceramic grinding balls have fine particle size and high hardness, which can effectively grind, mix and homogenize these materials to obtain finer particles and more uniform distribution, improve product performance and quality.
grinding balls are suitable for Chemical industry
Chemical Industry
grinding balls used for Mining and Construction
Mining and Construction

Mining and Construction

Gaoteng's grinding balls and linings are suitable for ball mill,crusher and all kinds of mineral equiments,used for grinding minerals raw materials of white cement industry, glass industry, especially for glass fiber. With high purity and excellent hardness, they are more wear resistant. We can supply silica pebbles,alumina balls,silex linings and alumina brick,for customers to choose.


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