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What's the advantage of flint pebbles used as grinding media

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As a grinding media, flint pebbles have several advantages:

1. High hardness: flint pebble is a naturally hard material with hardness of 7 mohs, making it an ideal for abrasive applications.

2. Good wear resistance: The smooth surface of flint pebble helps to reduce wear on the grinding equipment, extending its working life.

3. Chemical stability: flint pebble is chemically inert, meaning it does not react with the material being ground or with the grinding equipment, ensuring a clean and stable grinding environment.

4. Natural and eco-friendly: flint pebble is a natural material that is easy available and sustainable, making it an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic grinding media.

5. Low cost: Compare with other grinding media such as ceramic or steel, flint pebble as grinding media is economical and practical, making it is a cost-effective solution for  grinding applications.

flint pebbles with good abrasive resistance


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