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75% Alumina Bricks

Product introduction:Installation with 75% alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining to the machine can not only withstand high temperature, but also effectively reduce the frictional impact inside the machine, and prevent the machine from being damaged in long-term production.
Main content Al2O3:73~75%
Abrasion ≤0.01%
Normal size:145mm X 45mm X 100mm
Free sampleis available.

Brief introduction & Application:

75% Alumina bricks is made of bauxite as the main raw material and fired at high temperature after isostatic compaction. Used for ball mill wear-resistant lining, widely used in ceramics, cement, paint, pigment, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and other industries, can effectively improve grinding efficiency, reduce grinding costs.

75% Alumina bricks main component is alumina (Al2O3). Alumina ceramic has good mechanical properties and chemical stability, can withstand high temperature, high pressure and other harsh environment, wear resistance is also very good, is one of the preferred materials for the production of ball mill ceramic lining.

application fields of 75% alumina bricks

Product information:

Technical data


73 %~75%


8 Mohs


3.20 g/cm3


145mm (Length) X 45mm (Width) X 100mm (Height)

Packing details

Packing with pallet

Delivery time

Usually within two weeks after confirm the order.

packing of 75% alumina bricks


processing of 75% alumina bricks

How do we use?

using of 75% alumina bricks

Why choose us?


*Good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and various organic solvents without chemical reaction with materials

*High hardness, superior wear-resistant, long service life

*Are more economical than 92% alumina lining bricks, performance better than 68% alumina lining


*Customized service: According to the size of the ball mill,calculate the quantity of 75% alumina lining brick required.

*Installation service: with 30 years installation experience,workers often went to customer’s factory to provide installation service,highly recognized by the customers.

*Transport service: We have own logistics company, provide favorable, safer & faster shipping service to you.

service from Dalian Gaoteng


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