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Installation Service

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The Precautions before installation of ball mill lining brick

1.The ball mill should be installed on the base as far as possible. After the cement is hardened, the ball mill can run smoothly.

2.Before installing the ball mill, prepare a clean plastic bucket for mixing cement slurry and mixing glue.

3.The light in the ball mill is not good, it is necessary to connect the lamp line, install the lamp in the ball mill, and use it for working lighting.

4.Electric fans need to be prepared, which can be aligned with the grinding port and blow air inside the ball mill from the outside to ensure good ventilation inside the ball mill

5.Tools: Hammer, rubber hammer or wooden hammer, clay board, gloves.

Adhesives: classification and selection

1.Adhesive 425# white cement and epoxy resin adhesive (Other types of white cement are also available)

2.White cement is an inorganic material binder, high temperature resistance, will not aging, long service life, low cost, simple and convenient construction, generally using wet method

Grinding ball mill, mixing mill and so on use 425# white cement as binder. The disadvantage is that when grinding high purity materials, a small amount of water is worn down

Mud will be mixed into the material, forming impurities, not easy to remove, generally high purity material grinding will choose epoxy resin adhesive as a binder.

3.different with white cement, a small amount of epoxy resin ground into the material will evaporate after heating, without the formation of new impurities. Epoxy resin
The glue is elastic. In the mill running at a fast speed, it will cushion the impact of the ball stone on the lining brick to a certain extent and form protection for the lining brick. epoxy
Resin adhesives are stronger than cement, and epoxy resins are usually used in dry grinding mills and vibration mills. Epoxy resin glue and
Compared with cement, easy to aging, the use of temperature generally can not exceed 150 degrees Celsius, high cost, construction difficulty.

Brick type:

Rectangular bricks  

Half-Rectangular bricks

Trapezoid bricks

Half-Trapezoid bricks

Thin Rectangular bricks

Installation procedure

1. ball mill preparation: Any brick or cement residue, welding slag, rust, oil stains on the inner surface of the ball mill should be removed and the table should be smooth,the surface should be rough to improve the bonding effect.

2.The lining brick installation starts from the round surface at both ends of the ball mill. Both ends are installed with straight brick and straight half brick, and the working face of all lining bricks should face towards the ball In the mill, the installation part of the child buckle to buckle, the upper layer of bricks overlap tightly on the joints of the two bricks below, the upper and lower two rows of bricks to ensure wrong Seam mount. A rubber or wooden hammer is used to gently tap the lining blocks after each installation to spread the adhesive evenly between the bricks and the bricks, and between the bricks and the cylinder walls,Ensure the bonding quality and strictly control the gap between bricks to be less than 1.5mm.

3. After the two ends are installed, start to install the cylinder, calculate the number of rows of straight brick and diagonal brick according to the amount of lining brick in the cylinder, and calculate the sum of straight brick calculated in step 2,The number of rows of inclined bricks shall be installed alternately in proportion to ensure that the bottom of the lining brick is close to the inner wall of the cylinder. The inner diameter of the lining brick after laying shall be smoothly connected along the length,The direction of each row should be the same specification of straight brick or diagonal brick, at the end of the half brick to adjust the brick seam, keep each adjacent two rows of brick seam staggered, to the last row if straight bricks cannot enter, install thin bricks and seal the gaps with cement.

Installation caution

1. Ball mill lining brick should be installed indoors as far as possible. If it cannot be installed indoors due to actual conditions, shading measures should be taken to avoid direct sunlight

Ball mill, especially in summer, the sun directly shines on the ball mill, the temperature of the ball mill can reach more than 40-70 degrees, the binder is too late to raise protection, will dry, can not get the bonding effect, seriously affect the bonding quality.

2. In cold regions in winter, when the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, the bonding effect is poor, especially when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius at night, the moisture in the mud is easy to freeze, and when the temperature rises, the cement will become fine powder, which will not have any adhesion effect. Generally, the factory doors and windows should be sealed well, add warm measures in the workshop, or add heating or bake in an electric oven, or spread wood chips on the ground below the mill and ignite wood chips to ensure the machine has the right temperature.

3. In the case that the two ends are round head grinding machines, you can directly lay lining bricks, or you can use cement mortar and red brick to smooth the two ends of the arc surface, and then install two face lining brick.

4. If glue is used, the temperature of the ball mill and the environment can not be too low, and the temperature should be above 20 degrees , which can better ensure the fluidity of the glue,

maximize the effect.

1. Ball mill lining brick installation due to the installation habits of the installation master and the deviation of the production size of the ball mill, the actual number of straight and diagonal lining bricks may be slightly different

Maintenance caution

1. Soak with water: in winter, the temperature is low,after finish the installation work, dry it for 2 days,Fill the ball mill with full water and let it soak for 7 days,drain all the water from the mill and let it dry for more than 3 days. Summer temperature is high, 12 hours after the installation of the mill, the cement can be strong ,then do the same steps as above maintenance.

2. When maintaining the mill, it is necessary to cover the mill to prevent other debris from falling into the mill and causing damage to the inner wall of the mill.

3. In winter, when the temperature is low, it is necessary to heat the mill for 24 hours by electric oven or wood chips, and then turn the mill to the other side the next day,heat for 24 hours.Heat alternately and keep warm for at least 4 days. Heating rods can also be used to warm the water supply.

4. If use glue for the installation work, the mill can be used directly after 48 hours

Notes: Brushing and grinding

1. After 3 days, water should be injected into the ball mill to reach 50% of the volume of the ball mill. Add proper amount of production waste, then add the grinding balls into the ball mill ,quantity more than 50% volume of the mill. After grinding for 2 hours l, the slurry is released. The second time, water is added to reach 70% of the ball mill volume,after grinding for 2 hours, stop the machine, clean out the water, and then put into normal production and use.

2. It is strictly prohibited to add a small amount of grinding ball and water when brushing and grinding, and let the mill run for a long time, which will seriously damage the mill, lining brick and grinding balls.

Additional notes

The ball mill should be installed on the site as far as possible,try to avoid installation in the ball mill manufacturer to prevent the crash and damage, lead to lining brick falling down,during transportation.

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