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Zirconium Silicate for Ceramic Industry

Product Name:zirconium silicate for ceramic industry
Package:paper bags with pallet
MOQ:1 Ton
Delivery:Within two weeks after confirming order

Product information: 

Zirconium silicate is a non-toxic and odorless white powder, which is made of natural high-purity zircon sand concentrate through superfine grinding, iron removal, titanium processing, surface modification and other processes. It is a good and cheap opacifier, whitening agent, anti-seepage agent and stabilizer, which is widely used in various ceramic production. In the processing and production of ceramic oil, it has a wide range of applications and a large amount of applications.

  • First of all, the higher the content of Zr2O4 in zirconium silicate powder, the better its stability in the sintering process of ceramics, so that it can maintain a good crystalline state at high temperature. This not only helps improve the quality of ceramic products, but also allows ceramics to have better abrasion resistance and impact resistance, which can also meet the needs of various use environments.

  • Secondly, the content of Zr2O4 in zirconium silicate powder has a vital impact on the transparency and whiteness of ceramics. High -quality ceramic products usually need enough transparency and whiteness to make the product look more exquisite and high -end. The content of Zr2O4 is very critical for achieving this goal.

  • In addition, other ingredients in zirconium silicate powder, such as alumina, yttria, etc., have also greatly helped the ceramic industry. They can enhance the mechanical strength, chemical stability, and high temperature resistance of ceramics, so that the product has a longer service life and a wider application area.

Technical indicator:

Zirconium silicate



Purity Content ( as ZrO 2 + HfO 2 )






≤200 ppm
≤350 ppm
Particle Distribution D50 (Malvern)
1,0 ± 0,2 µm


Packing details:


25kgs paper bags with pallet

(can be customized)

Mark and Label:


Delivery time:

· sample--1 day after confirming your required details

· order--amount less than 100ton will take 14 days to produce

zirconium silicate from Gaotengpacking of zirconium silicate

Product features:

  • High temperature resistance is excellent. Zirconium silicate powder has very high melting point and melting temperature, which can withstand the erosion of strong acid and strong alkali under high temperature conditions, which is very suitable for high temperature treatment in ceramic production.

  • Strong wear resistance. The hardness of zirconium silicate powder has high hardness and has strong wear resistance, which can increase the durability and service life of ceramic products.

  • Good gloss. The ceramic products made of zirconium silicate powder have a good gloss and transparency, which can enhance the aesthetics and decorative of ceramic products.

  • Strong antioxidant performance. The chemical properties of zirconium silicate powder are stable and are not easy to be oxidized. Therefore, they have good antioxidant performance and can maintain the long -term beauty and strength of ceramic products.

  • Good plasticity. The adhesion and plasticity of zirconium silicate powder can be used to make ceramic products of various shapes and sizes.


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