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Dry Grinding Alumina Balls

Product name:Dry grinding 92% alumina balls
Normal Size:30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm
Other Size:0.5-25mm, etc.
Package:25kg bags with pallet
Sample:Free sample available
MOQ:1 Ton
Delivery:Usually within 3 weeks once order confirmed.


Product introduction:

To meet the various needs of different fields, Gaoteng specially develop the alumina ceramic balls for dry grinding. This kind of alumina grinding balls are with high hardness, high strength, high tenacity and low abrasion. Especially for fine grinding quartz,cement, zirconium silicate, etc. Used in ball mill and stirring mills.

Application of dry grinding alumina balls:

  • Ceramic industry: Dry grinding 92% alumina balls are used as abrasives in the manufacture of ceramics, such as porcelain, pottery, glass, etc.

  • Chemical industry: used in the manufacture and grinding of coatings, paints, pigments, asphalt and other materials.

  • Mining industry: Alumina grinding balls are used for fine grinding and separation of metal ore and non-metal ore, such as iron ore, molybdenum ore, copper ore, bauxite, etc.

  • Building materials industry: Alumina balls have high hardness and lower density than steel balls, and are used in the production of building materials such as cement, concrete, and refractory materials, greatly reducing energy consumption.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Alumina balls have stable chemical composition and can be used in the preparation process of drugs.

  • Other fields: Alumina grinding balls can also be used in precision engineering fields such as electronics, optics, and aerospace.

Technical indicator:


92% alumina ball











HS Code


Available Size


Alumina Ceramic Balls for Dry Grinding   Alumina Ceramic Balls for Dry Grinding

Processing progress:

The production process of the dry grinding alumina ball mainly includes the following steps: 

raw material preparation, shaping, drying, screening, and packaging. 

Firstly, high-quality alumina powder is selected as raw material and pretreated by screening and drying. 

Then, the alumina powder is put into a ball mill for shaping, from which we can get the alumina balls. The shaped alumina balls will be dried and screened to remove the unqualified products. 

Finally, qualified products will be packaged for transportation and storage. 

Through the strict production process and high-quality raw materials, high-performance dry grinding alumina balls can be produced, which are widely used in various industrial and civil fields, promoting the development of the economy and society.

production process of Alumina Ceramic Balls for Dry Grinding

Packing and delivery:

packing and delivery of Alumina Ceramic Balls for Dry Grinding



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