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Ceramic Grinding Balls

Product name:Ceramic Grinding Balls
Normal Size: 25mm,30mm,40mm,45mm,50mm,60mm,70mm
Other Size:customized service available
Package:25kg bags with pallet
Sample:Free sample available
MOQ:1 Ton
Delivery:Within two weeks after confirming order


Features of 92% Ceramic Grinding Balls:

  • Firstly, ceramic grinding balls have very high wear resistance, allowing them to maintain long-lasting performance and efficiency during the grinding process. Compared to traditional steel grinding balls, the wear of ceramic grinding balls is significantly smaller within the same service time, greatly extending their service life.

  • Secondly, the chemical stability of ceramic grinding balls is very high, and they will not produce any harmful chemicals and will not be affected by acid or alkali chemicals. This allows ceramic grinding balls to be widely used in fields such as medicine and cosmetics without worrying about chemical pollution.

  • In addition, ceramic grinding balls also have excellent insulation performance, making them very suitable for use in harsh environments such as high temperature and high pressure, and will not be affected by environmental changes. At the same time, its hardness is very high, which can effectively protect the integrity of the ground material and avoid problems such as damage and debris.

application of alumina grinding balls

Ceramic production

White Cement plant

Glass fiber production

Chemical Industry

Application of 92% Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls

Firstly, in the mining industry, ceramic grinding balls are often used in the ore grinding process. 

It can finely grind ore under high strength and wear resistance conditions, improve grinding efficiency, and thus reduce production costs. At the same time, the environmental pressure on mining enterprises is increasing day by day. The use of ceramic grinding balls can reduce production noise and dust pollution, and have good acid, alkali, and high temperature resistance properties.

Secondly, in the ceramic product industry, ceramic grinding balls are also widely used in the processing and production of ceramic products. It can finely grind and mix ceramic raw materials and glazes, making the quality of ceramic products even better. In the modern processing of ceramic products, the application of ceramic grinding balls is also becoming increasingly widespread.

Moreover, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, ceramic grinding balls also play a very important role. 

In the field of chemical engineering, it is often used in various stages of chemical reactions, such as the dispersion of corrosive substances, the immobilization of gas-phase reaction catalysts, accelerators, and adsorbents. In the pharmaceutical field, ceramic grinding balls are also commonly used in the production of pills and grinding powders, which can ensure the purity and quality of drugs.

Technical data of 92% Alubit Ceramic Balls


Ceramic Grinding Balls











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alumina grinding balls from Gaoteng   packing of alumina grinding balls

Production process:

production process of alumina grinding balls


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