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Advantage and application of silica sand

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Silica sand is a material with very good chemical stability. It can exist stably for a long time at high temperature without chemical reaction with other substances, so it is widely works in high temperature industries, such as casting, ceramics, glass and other fields.

At the same time, the chemical stability of silica sand also makes it a highly effective anti-corrosion agent, which can prevent metal or other substances from being corroded.

Secondly, the physical properties of silica sand are also excellent. It has good mechanical strength and wear performance, and can make abrasive tools such as grinding wheels and abrasive belts, as well as refractory materials, high-temperature resistant plastic materials, etc. In addition, silica sand also applicate for manufacturing high-hardness cutting tools, such as saw blades, blades, etc.

Silica sand has many other applications. For example, to purify water and air pollutants, and to make solar panels, among other things.

In the field of construction, silica sand can applicate to make building materials such as gypsum boards, cement boards, and bricks. In the fields of food and medicine, silica sand can be used to make additives such as anti-caking agents.

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