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Silica Quartz for Water Filtration

Product Name: silica quartz for water filtration
Package:In bulk, Jumbo bags, One bag with one pallet, Two bags with one pallet
Sample:Free sample available
MOQ:5 Ton
Delivery:Within two weeks after confirming order

Product introduction:

Silica quartz are a widely used material for water filtration, which has many advantages and functions that can help improve water quality and the living environment.

The silica particles have good filtration effect. Their relatively rough surfaces can effectively adsorb harmful substances such as impurities, bacteria, and viruses suspended in water, thereby playing a role in purifying water quality.

Secondly, silica stone has the characteristics of strong durability and long service life. They do not wear out or corrode over time. This means that once the silica particles are used for water filtration, frequent replacement is not required, which reduces the cost and workload of water filtration.

The silica particles also help increase the oxygen content of the water. Their large surface area can provide more contact surfaces for the water body, making oxygen more easily permeate into the water, thereby promoting the healthy growth of aquatic organisms.

The use of silica quartz for water filtration also helps protect the natural environment.

Compared to traditional water treatment methods such as chemical agents, silica quartz do not contain any pollutants and do not have a negative impact on the environment, which is beneficial to protecting the ecological balance of the earth.

silica quartz (1)

Technical indicator:



Volume density





Around 8 mohs







Actual abrasion rate





Grey and White

Other applicaion of high silica content silica quartz

1.Silica quartz with high silicon content is widely used in the manufacturing of semiconductor materials. Silicon dioxide in silica is an essential raw material in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

2.Silica quartz can also be used in glass manufacturing. Glass is a widely used building material and also a common decorative material in homes. And silica in silica is an indispensable raw material for glass manufacturing.

3.In addition, silica quartz with high silicon content can also be used to manufacture refractory materials. 

With the development of heavy industries such as steel and aluminum, the requirements for elements such as aluminum and calcium in silica are becoming increasingly high. Therefore, silica with high silicon content is also widely used in the production of refractory materials. These refractory materials are widely used in industries such as steel, aluminum, and cement.

silica quartz and pebbles

Packing details:

Packing of silex balls

packing of Silex Balls

Jumbo Bags

packing of Silex Balls

One Bag With One Pallet

packing of Silex Balls

Two Bags With Pallet

packing of Silex Balls

In Bulk


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