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What are the application fields of Dalian Gaoteng's silica pebbles?

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Our DalIan Gaoteng already specialized in ceramic grinding media for over 20 years with our own mine and factory. Our silica pebbles and silex lining bricks are widely exported to The South east Asia, The Middle East, Europe,etc. 

With the development of business, our products already used well for below industries:

1. Electronics industry: Silica is an important semiconductor material, which can be used in the manufacturing of electronic devices such as integrated circuits, solar cells, and light-emitting diodes.

2. Glass manufacturing: As an important part of glass raw materials, silica can enhance the hardness and transparency of glass.

3. Ceramic industry: As the main component of ceramic materials, silica has high silica content and low iron content, and can be used to make ceramic products with high fineness and high whiteness.

4. Refractory materials: Silica has high temperature stability and is widely used in the field of refractory materials.

5. Fertilizer industry: Silica has the characteristics of water absorption, moisture retention, air permeability, and moisture permeability, and can be used as a filler in the fertilizer manufacturing process.

6. White cement industry: Improve the hardening performance, fire resistance, physical properties and chemical stability of cement.

7. Manufacture of fine chemicals: Silica can be used to prepare fine chemicals, such as catalysts and adsorbents.

different application of silica pebbles


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