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cheap price 68% Alumina Bricks manufacturer
Product introduction: 68% alumina bricks are mainly used for lining the inner wall of the mill, and are used in conjunction with abrasive materials such as corundum balls.
Can usually use for over 2 years.
Advantage: High strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, large specific gravity, small volume, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.
Main content Al2O3: 66~68%
Abrasion ≤0.03%
Normal size: 140mm X 35mm X 95mm
Package: Pallets

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Brief introduction & Application:

68% Alumina bricks as one of the most common ball mill liner, with good hardness, low loss, can improve grinding efficiency effectively, reduce production costs, are widely used in many industries, such as ceramics, mines and other grinding equipment and material transfer equipment.

application field of 68% alumina bricks

There are many advantages of 68% alumina ceramic lining brick as the lining of ball mill. It has very high wear resistance, can resist wear to a certain extent, is not easy to collapse, spalling and other problems, thus extending the service life of the equipment. It provides stable and reliable protection for the ball mill.

Product information:

Technical data


67 %±1


8 Mohs


3.00 g/cm3


140mm (Length) X 35mm (Width) X 95mm (Height)

Packing details

Packing with pallet

Delivery time

Usually within two weeks after confirm the order.

68% alumina bricks--packing


  • Good chemical stability, corrosion resistance of acid, alkali, salt and various organic solvents without chemical reaction with materials

  • High hardness, superior wear-resistant, long service life

  • Are more economical than 92% alumina lining bricks

Processing progress:

processing of 68% alumina lining bricks

How to Install?

installation of 68% alumina bricks

Preparation before installation: The inner surface should be no bricks or cement residue, rust, etc. Table should be smooth,the surface should be rough to improve the bonding effect.

Start the installation: The installation should start from the round surface at both ends of the ball mill. After the two ends are installed, start to install the cylinder, to the last gaps, seal the gaps with cement.

More detailed information, please refer to the "Installation procedure"

Why choose us?

*Customized service: Calculate the quantity of bricks refer to the ball mill size(Inner size & diameter)

*Installation service: Our factory's workers have over 30 years experience, can support installation service for customers.

*Transport service: We have own logistics company, provide favorable, safer & faster shipping service.

service from Dalain Gaoteng

Our company develops, acquires, owns and operates hydroelectric facilities, wind farms, solar farms and energy storage facilities. cheap price 68% Alumina Bricks manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Rome, Bandung, Czech, Sierra Leone, We are devoted to ecological sustainability and accountable production activities, granting us to construct energy of highest quality while curbing our environmental consequence.

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