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Different contents alumina balls suitable for variety industries

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As an important grinding material, ceramic grinding balls have different characteristics and advantages in different content applications. In industrial production, choosing appropriate ceramic grinding balls can effectively improve grinding efficiency and production benefits.

92% or 95% ceramic grinding balls with high hardness and good wear resistance are usually used in the grinding field with high particle fineness requirements, such as fine abrasive processing, ceramic industry and electronic material manufacturing and other fields. These grinding balls can maintain high grinding efficiency while avoiding excessive wear and chipping for a longer service life.

micro alumina beads used as grinding media  high alumina ball used for ceramic industry  China 80% aluminum oxide balls

Ceramic grinding balls with smaller particle size are widely used in the production of piezoelectric materials and other products with higher particle size requirements. This type of grinding ball has a relatively uniform abrasive material and a good grinding effect, which can effectively improve the quality and precision of the product.

In practical applications, there is also a low content of 68% and 75% ceramic grinding balls, which are mainly used for grinding coarse grain materials or grinding in heavy cutting environments. It offers a lower cost alternative with high density and wear strength for consistent grinding efficiency and long service life.

middle alumina ball with 68% content   high quality 75% aluminum balls   92% alumina balls from China


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