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Why more and more customers use alumina grinding balls to replace steel balls?

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Recent years, there are more customers use alumina grinding balls to replace the traditional forged steel balls or casting steel balls.

So what's the differece between alumina grinding balls and steel balls? Why customers use alumina balls to replace steel balls?

1. Power saving: reduce the loading capacity of the grinding body of the mill by 20%, reduce the current of the main machine of the mill by more than 20%, and save more than 15% of electricity per ton of cement;

2. Quality improvement: improve the performance of cement products, make the particle composition more reasonable, increase the content of 3~32μm particles by more than 2%, increase the number of spherical particles, reduce the water consumption of standard consistency by 1%~2%, and improve the compatibility between cement products and concrete admixtures improve;

3. Cooling and noise reduction: the temperature inside the mill is reduced by more than 15°C, and the noise of the mill is reduced by more than 15dB;

4. Wear resistance: the ball consumption of alumina grinding balls is generally 50% of that of steel balls. For example, in the production of 42.5 grade ordinary Portland cement, the ball consumption of high chromium steel balls is 30~40g/t, while the microcrystalline high-strength alumina The ball is ≤15g/t;

5. Environmental protection: reduce heavy metal pollution, which is conducive to the realization of the national standard for the limit of water-soluble hexavalent chromium in cement products.

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92% alumina grinding balls


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