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What is the role of pebbles in water filtration systems?

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Pebbles are an important filler material in water filtration systems, which can help purify water, improve the quality and quantity of biological communities, and also improve the efficiency of filtration systems.

1. Filtration: The size and shape of the pebbles can provide a good filter layer. and they can effectively remove suspended solids, silt and organic matter in the water, etc.

2. Protection: Pebbles can be used behind the filter to prevent other filter materials from being swept away and protect the entire filter system.

3. Oxygen transfer: The well-arranged pore structure of pebbles allows the oxygen in the water to be easily transferred to each cell and microorganism, promoting the healthy growth of aquatic organisms.

4. Increased contact area: When water molecules pass by pebbles, they are easy to move along their surface. The small surface area of the mass of pebbles increases the opportunities for water molecules to come into contact with them, increasing filtration efficiency.

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pebbles for water filtration


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