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What is the main role of silica components in white cement?

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Dalian Gaoteng is manufacturer and exporter of silica pebbles for over 20 years.

Our silica pebbles widely export to all over the world for different industries. Such as ceramic industry, glass industry, chemical industry and white cement industry.

AALBORG PORTLAND CEMENT is one of our longterm cooperation customer.

For wehite cement industry, silica play an important role:

1. Enhance the hardening performance of cement: silica components can affect the crystal formation and lattice reduction during the hardening process of cement, thereby enhancing the hardening performance of cement and improving its compressive strength and durability.

2. Improve the refractory performance of cement: the silica component can enhance the refractory performance of cement, so that it can still maintain high compressive strength and stability in high temperature environments.

3. Improve the physical properties of cement: the silica component can increase the volume stability and durability of cement, so that it will not produce brittleness and pulverization for a long time.

4. Improve the chemical properties of cement: the silica component can promote the mineral reaction in cement, so that it is more chemically stable and less susceptible to external environmental factors.

In general, the silica component plays a vital role in the performance and quality of cement, and its role is mainly manifested in improving the hardening performance, refractory performance, physical performance and chemical stability of cement.

silica pebbles for white cement industry


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