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Processing and advantages of trapezoidal silex lining

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Recently, our Gaoteng silex lining stone processing team once again processed two sets ball mill lining bricks for Japanese customer. 

This time, customer customized the trapezoidal silex lining bricks for the round surface of ball mill.

Compared with the normal-sized grinding head, the trapezoidal silex lining stone is more suitable for ball mills with arc-shaped ends.

When installing, the silex lining brick and the inner wall of the ball mill can fit closer together. The gaps between the bricks would be smaller. , longer service life.

Gaoteng has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting silex lining bricks. The artisan have more than 30 years of processing experience. Then we can guarantee the processing quality 100%.

Silex lining stone can be widely used in ceramic industry, quartz industry, and chemical industry, etc. Gaoteng silex lining brick has high silica content, high hardness and long service life.

Look forward to working with you!

customized silex lining bricks


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