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Application of Spherical α-aluminium ready to press powder

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Spherical aluminium powder is a powder material with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, and its application fields are very extensive.

Firstly, in the electronics industry, spherical aluminium powder is widely used in the manufacturing process of electronic components.

It has good insulation, conductivity, and mechanical toughness. And can be used for manufacturing capacitors, resistors, inductors, and printed circuit boards.

Secondly, spherical aluminium powder can also be applied in the ceramic industry. Due to its excellent high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. It can be used for manufacturing ceramic ceramics, ceramic orthopedic implants, and ceramic cutting tools.

In addition, spherical aluminium powder is also widely used in the manufacturing process of catalysts. It has good chemical inertness and catalytic performance, and can be used for manufacturing metal catalysts, ammonia synthesis catalysts, and conversion catalysts.

In summary, spherical aluminium powder has a wide range of applications. Not only in the electronics industry, ceramics industry, catalyst industry, but also in many fields. Such as metallurgy, petroleum, and chemical industry.

We believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, the application fields of spherical aluminium powder will become increasingly widespread.

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