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How to choose suitable size silica pebbles for grinding?

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Dalian Gaoteng have supply silica pebbles to daily-use porcelain factories, ceramic tile factories and sanitaryware manufacturers in China and abroad for a long time. 

Customers usually use our pebble stone to grind ceramic materials. Such as kaolin, albite, potassium feldspar, and ceramic glazes. So, what size pebbles stones do these customers usually use?

different sizes of silica pebbles

The selection of silica pebbles size often depends on the input and output size of raw materials. If the input size is large, it is necessary to add some large-size silica pebbles, such as 8-10cm or 10-12cm. if the input size is about 2-3cm, and the output is fine. The size requirements are conventional, and the size of the pebbles stone can be selected as 4-6/6-8cm. These two sizes are also the most shipped by Gaoteng, and are usually available in various factories.

Our company has rich experience in supplying different manufacturers, welcome to call for consultation!

shipment of silica pebbles


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