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high hardness Silica Pebbles for White Cement Industry manufacturer
Product Name: Silica Pebbles for White Cement Indsutry
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We trust in a masterly universe the place copious smooth energy revives thriving societies and forges regularly occurring wealth. Silex lining bricks, Silica lining bricks, alumina oxide balls for grinding, white sand, Besides after-sales service, we also provide lifetime maintenance with an economical cost and supply of spare parts.

Product introduction & Application:

Silica pebbles play a pivotal role as the grinding media in the white cement industry. Considering the consumption and cost aspects, grade C pebbles are typically the preferred choice for this sector.

During the production of white cement, use silica pebbles to grind clinker within ball mills. Being an essential grinding medium, these pebbles serve to reduce the particle size of the clinker. In comparison to other grinding media (steel balls), silica pebbles have a distinct advantage in terms of their reduced abrasiveness. And can  decrease iron contamination in the white cement, thereby minimizing the possible discoloration that may occur.

And we have cooperated with white cement plants in Malaysia since 2014. Their annual consumption can be over 4000 tons.

Apart from their use in the white cement industry, silica pebbles find applications in other sectors as well, such as in the sanitary ware, tableware, tiles, glass, and zirconium silicate industries.

application field of silica pebbles

Technical data:

TDS--Silica pebblessilica pebbles for white cement


As the white cement grinding media, if the silica pebbles contain the excessive following substances, may cause harm to the white cement industry:

  • Fe2O3 content: The higher the Fe2O3 content in silica pebbles, the greater the grinding effect of white cement, but the content needed within the standard, if exceeded, will affect the color and quality of white cement, causing adverse effects, even unable to meet the specified standards.

  • Cr, Ni, Cu, and other toxic metals content & radioactive element content: If there is too much harmful content, it may cause pollution of white cement products, affecting product quality, employee health, and the environment.

  • Unconsumed fuel residue: If the silica pebbles can't burned or crushed completely in the production process, will contain unconsumed fuel residue, which will cause problems such as black spots and black slag of the final product.

Therefore, the factories need to select superior silica pebbles as grinding media, to ensure product quality, employee health, and environment safety.

silica pebbles from Dalian Gaoteng

We have faith in an ideal earth where ample renewable dynamism upgrades sound networks and manufactures widespread success. high hardness Silica Pebbles for White Cement Industry manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Moscow, Kyrgyzstan, Pretoria, Melbourne, We have extensive proficiency in ironwork, mineral, and energy, and have had triumphant outcomes both domestically and abroad.

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