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high hardness Cutting Silex Stone for Quartz Industry manufacturer
Material: High silica content rocks
Processing method: Machine cutting
Type: Preformed bricks & Finished bricks
Advantage: SiO2 over 99%, high hardness & low wear-loss
Thickness: 11cm~20cm
Delivery Time: Around 15-20 days after receive the payment.
Packing: Bags, pallet, wooden cases

Our company takes on the system of acquiring, owning, building, and strolling hydroelectric sites, wind farms, photo voltaic farms, and electricity stockpiles. SIC refractory plate, 75% Alumina Balls, silex lining brick, ceramic grinding balls, Additionally, after-sales service is offered such as lifetime maintenance at a reasonable price and a supply of spare parts.

Brief introduction & Application:

Cutting silex stones are a common type of ball mill liner. The materials of these bricks are silicon stones from the mine, which have high silica content that can reach more than 99%, so they are wear resistance.

Cutting silex stones are often preferred in the quartz industry since they are more cost-effective and tend to last longer. And according to the quartz factories are cared about whiteness, so we will also pay special attention to this and select whiter rocks for processing.

Cutting silex stones are also widely used in ceramic tile, tableware, sanitary ware, ceramic crafts, white cement, zirconium silicate, quartz, glass, and other different industries.

application field of cutting silex stone

Product sizes:

Size--Cutting Silex Stone

Technical data:

TDS--Silex blockscutting silex stone from China

Packing details:

Packing--Cutting Silex Stone

Packaging of silex bricks


processing of cutting silex stone

Product features and advantages:

  • The sizes of cutting silex stone for quartz industry are uniform

  • Flat and smooth surface

  • After installation, the gaps between the stones are small, greatly extending the service life of the silicon lining.

  • Cutting silex stone is highly demanding in terms of raw material, and the stone is free from cracks and gaps. What needs to be chosen is to avoid fragmentation of the stone in the cutting process.

  • Cutting silex stone can be supplied with specifications and sizes and complete sets of grinding, trapezoidal brick can also be processed, suitable for ball mill cylinder wall, high fit degree. To reduce the gap between stones


  • Specialist artisan: Our artisan has over 30 years of experience in the processing of silex blocks.

  • Installation: Draw a diagram based on the customer's ball mill size and mark the number on the brick. That way customers can install without doing any more work.

  • Exports Experience: Our products are exported to over 40 countries and regions around the world, mainly to Japan, Bangladesh, India, South East Asia, etc.

  • Logistics: Our own Dalian Gaoteng International logistics company, founded in 2000, can provide efficient logistics services to all customers.

Acquiring, obtaining, possessing, and functioning hydroelectric sites, wind farms, photo voltaic farms, and power shops is what our conglomerate does. high hardness Cutting Silex Stone for Quartz Industry manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Luxembourg, Naples, Sweden, Burundi, Our goods accrued a great name due to their steady performance, affordable fee, and exemplary after-sale service.

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