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Product Name: High Density Silica Ball For Grinding
Size: 1-3cm,2-4cm,3-5cm,5-7cm,4-6cm,6-8cm,8-10cm,10-12cm,12-15cm
Package: In bulk, Jumbo bags, One bag with one pallet, Two bags with one pallet
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MOQ: 1 Ton
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Acquiring, obtaining, possessing, and functioning hydroelectric sites, wind farms, photo voltaic farms, and power shops is what our conglomerate does. water filtration, 92% Alumina bricks, lining brick, silcia pebbles as grinding balls, We have various components to meet wide industry demands. We are a professional manufacturer of metallurgy, mineral & energy and our products are suitable for all kinds of solutions.

Product introduction:

Flint pebble is a high quality ceramic grinding media for ball mill. With its high quality, high purity, high density and wear-resistant, can grind ceramic raw materials (like feldspar, quartz, Kaolin), cement and glass raw materials. For match different application, we just Flint pebbles(silica pebbles) have three different grades: Grade A, Grade B and Grade C.

Technical indicator:

Chemical composition:

SiO2 ≥99.31%

Al2O3 ≤0.36%

Fe2O3 ≤0.018%

CaO: 0.09%

MgO: 0.04%

Physical property:

Volume density ≥2.66g/cm3

Hardness: Around 8 mohs

Porosity ≤0.38%

Actual abrasion rate ≤1.35

Color: Grey and White

Size: 1-3cm,2-4cm,3-5cm,5-7cm,4-6cm,6-8cm,8-10cm,10-12cm,12-15cm

flint pebbles for grinding

Product features:

features of flint pebble

  • High SiO2 (over 99%) with low Fe2O3 contents, ensuring superior quality and reliability

  • High density (around 2.66g/cm3) and hardness (around 8 mohs) and low abrasion, resulting in maximum longevity and minimal wastage

  • Good roundness, after grinding in ball mill 6~8hours, the pebbles become round, ensuring perfect performance during use

  • Consistent specification, promising excellent and consistent results every time

Comparison report:

comparison report of flint pebbles

Under the same test situation, our Janese customer do a test, to compare our pebbles with French pebbles about abrasion degree, the test result shows the difference from our Dalian pebbles & French pebbles:

  • Density: 2.68g/cm3 of Dalian pebbles higher than 2.62g/cm3 of french pebbles.

  • Wear loss: wear loss of Dalian pebbles is 40g, less than 50g of french pebbles.

Our advantages and services:

  • Dalian Gaoteng was established in 2000, has rich export experience, cooperate with over 170 customers, often export to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the middle east…

  • Due to customers from different industries could have different requirement, we can help you to choose suitable product.

  • Besides, we have own logistics company, can offer the best service and favorable price to you.

Application field:application field of flint pebbles

Gaoteng High Purity 99.31% Good Hardness 8 mohs Silica Pebbles are suitable for use in a wide range of industries such as ceramic tiles, tableware, sanitary ware, white cement, zirconium silicate, quartz, glass fiber and more. The natural and durable properties of these pebbles make them a versatile product that can be applied in an assortment of applications.

Packing details:

For Silica Balls, normally, we use the following four method to package(The bags and pallet are both standard sizes, if you need special package, we can also customized for you.):

packing of silica pebbles

Production process:

production process of flint pebbles

Unlike other ball mill stone, Gaoteng ball mill stone is mined from silica mountains, rather than collested directly from rivers or the sea.

After collect the silica raw materials from the mountain, the artisans will sort the raw rocks first. Then break the large ones to the smaller ones, that the preformed ball mill stones are finished. Next, artisans put the preformed stone into ball mills, after grinding for 6~8hours, the stone become round. Then directly into the screening machine, screen the different sizes separately. And in order to ensure the customers receive clean ball mill stones, Gaoteng also clean the ball mill stones with high-pressure water gun. In order to ensure the consistency of the size, Gaoteng also arrange the artisans for secondary screening by hand, to achieve quality control. Finally, pack the ball mill stones into bags and transport them to the warehouse or to the customers directly.

Tips--How to choose the excellent flint pebbles?

Choosing the suitable flint pebbles is nacessary for ceramic industry. When select it, need to pay attention on following tips: 

  • Hardness of flint pebbles: The higher the flint pebbles, the longer the service life, won't easily wear in the production process. Meanwhile, the higher the hardness, the grinding out the more delicate the material, and the better the quality.

  • The sizes of flint pebbles: In general, the smaller the size of flint pebbles, the more delicate the material grinding out. However, the size of the stone should also be flexibly determined according to the specific situation, and can not be generalized.

  • The purity of flint pebbles: High purity silica can ensure the quality of the material grinding out, but also ensure the service life and stability of silica pebbles.

  • The wear-resistance of flint pebbles: The wear-resistant silica pellet will not break or break after a long time of use, and can maintain a good grinding effect for a long time.

We are a high-tech organization dedicated to technological know-how innovation, product innovation and administration innovation in high quality High Density Silica Ball For Grinding supplier, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Turin, New York, Denmark, panama, Our items collected a noteworthy distinction due to their stable functioning, sensible fee, and excellent after-sale upkeep.

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