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cheap price High Silica Content Pebble Stone for Ceramics china
Product Name: High Silica Content Pebble Stone for Ceramics
Size: 1-3cm,2-4cm,3-5cm,5-7cm,4-6cm,6-8cm,8-10cm,10-12cm,12-15cm
Package: In bulk,Jumbo bags,bag with pallet or customized
Sample: Free sample available
MOQ: 1 Ton
Delivery: Around 2 weeks once get order

We have faith in an ideal earth where ample renewable dynamism upgrades sound networks and manufactures widespread success. dry grinding, ceramic materials, silica pebble for ceramics, Alumina lining bricks, Other than after-sales service, lifetime maintenance and an affordable supply of spare parts are available.

Product breif introduction & Application:

As the main component of ceramic materials, silica pebble stone has high SiO2 content and low Fe2O3 content, can be used to make ceramic products with high fineness and high whiteness.

Our Dalian Gaoteng support high silica content pebble stone for ceramics industry since 2000,.

application field of flint pebbles

silica dioxide is one of the raw materials in ceramic production. It has a significant impact on the properties and quality of ceramics.

  • Firstly, the content of silica dioxide determines the hardness and compressive strength of ceramics. When making ceramics, an appropriate amount of silica can increase the hardness and stability of the ceramic body, making the ceramics have better wear resistance and durability.

  • Secondly, the content of silica dioxide can also affect the fineness and texture of ceramics. A higher content of silica can increase the sintering temperature and density of ceramics, making the ceramic body more dense and uniform, thus presenting a more delicate texture and surface quality.

  • In addition, the content of silica dioxide can directly affect the whiteness and transparency of ceramics. For the production of white porcelain and transparent porcelain, it is necessary to use a high content of silica to make the porcelain body appear clean, bright, and with good transparency.

Technical data:

TDS--flint pebbles

Flint Pebbles for ceramic industry

  • The strict quality control ensure the round shapes and regular sizes.

Packing details:

Packing of flint pebbles

packing of Flint Pebbles

Jumbo Bags

packing of Flint Pebbles

One Bag With One Pallet

packing of Flint Pebbles

Two Bags With Pallet

packing of Flint Pebbles

In Bulk

Production process:

production process of Flint Pebbles for ceramic industry

Our advantages and services:

  • Founded in 2000, Dalian Gaoteng has extensive export experience, working with more than 170 customers and exporting frequently to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East .

  • Since customers from different industries have different requirements, we can help you choose a suitable product.

  • In addition, we have our own logistics company. We can offer you the best service and a favorable price.

We dream of an superior world the place abundant renewable pressure elevates more healthy neighborhoods and cultivates collective wealth. cheap price High Silica Content Pebble Stone for Ceramics china, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Cairo, Guinea, Curacao, Benin, At present, our equipment is exported to all over the world. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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