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cheap price 68% Alumina Balls manufacturer
Product name: 68% alumina ball
Normal Size: 30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm
Package: 25kgs bags with pallet
Sample: Free sample available
MOQ: 1 Ton
Delivery: Within two weeks after confirming order

As a knowledge-intensive high-tech organisation with tremendous potential, the corporation has sustained and secure improvement for 68% Alumina Balls, alumina bricks, Alumina balls, Flint Pebbles, We have a host of components to suit various industry requirements. As a specialist producer of metallurgy, mineral & energy, our items are suitable for all solutions.

Product introduction: 

68% alumina ball is a kind of ceramic grinding medium, which can be used in fine grinding equipment such as ball mill, pot mill, vibration mill, etc., so as to grind various mineral raw materials.

Technical indicator:


68% alumina balls











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Normal Size


68% alumina ball from Gaoteng  68% alumina ball from Gaoteng

Application field:

application field of 68% alumina ball

Middle alumina grinding balls as one of the common grinding media, mainly made by high-quality bauxite clinker, and manuractured through batching, grinding, powder forming, drying and firing. As grinding media, the grinding balls content more than 68% alumina, so also called 68% alumina balls. It appeared beige-spherical, with a diameter ranging from 30-60mm, which presented extreme hardness, high density, low wear, smooth surface, and corrosion resistance. This product is widely used in ceramic petroleum, chemical industry and many other fields. It can shorten the grinding time, increase the output of single machine and reduce the comprehensive cost of ball milling. I s the most cost -effective grinding material on the market.

Feature and advantages:

  • High hardness and density: Various materials can be effectively ground while maintaining the stability and consistency of the grinding process, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.

  • Corrosion resistance: It can adapt to a variety of strong acids, strong bases and high temperature conditions of grinding operations, so as to meet different production needs.

  • Compared with high alumina balls, 68% alumina ball has a better price advantage, which can save production costs.

  • 68% alumina balls have a small specific surface area and a high filling rate, which can reduce dielectric loss, reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency under the same conditions.

  • Widely exported to India, Malaysia, Japan, Turkmenistan, etc.

Packing and delivery:

packing and delivery of 68% alumina ball



Container Loading



  • Customized service: According to the size (diameter and length) of the ball mill, provide the ratio and dosage of alumina balls.

  • Shipping service: We have our own logistics company, which can provide you with the best service and competitive sea freight price.

We trust in a masterly universe the place copious smooth energy revives thriving societies and forges regularly occurring wealth. cheap price 68% Alumina Balls manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Marseille, Rotterdam, Wellington, Rio de Janeiro, We have great familiarity in the sphere of metallurgy, mineral, and energy and have seen successful results both locally and overseas.

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