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Recommended filling amount of grinding ball

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In the process of wet milling,normally,the total amount of grinding ball is not less than 55% of the total volume of the mill

In order to achieve the best grinding condition,in addition, the ratio of raw material and grinding ball should be 1:1.5

The empirical formula for calculating the amount of grinding stone added to the ball machine is:


M: amount of grinding ball D: specific gravity of grinding ball (g/cm3)

R: ball mill cylinder radius (cm) L: ball mill length (cm)

According to the production situation of different products, the types of alumina grinding balls selected are also different, the main types are as follows:

Pressed alumina balls: Reinforced balls formed by isostatic pressing

Rolled alumina Balls: Wear-resistant alumina ball formed by rolling method

For a new ball mill, the size of the loaded grinding balls depends on the tonnage of the ball mill and the finess of the raw material.

Following information need to be gotten:

1.What material need to grind?

2.Ball mill type: Continuous ball mill or Batch ball mill

3.Dry grinding or wet grinding

4.rpm of ball mil

5.input size and out put size of the material

6.ball mill size


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