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General manager Visit customers in June,2023

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In order to better learn the customer's use of our products. Such as alumina lining bricks, alumina grinding balls and silica products, silica pebbles, silex lining bricks. 

Mrs. Lena Fu, the general manager of Gaoteng, had on a business trip from the end of June to the beginning of July 2023, to visit the customer's factores and agents abroad.

This trip mainly goes to Taiwan and Malaysia. In Taiwan, we visited some factories, Taiwan Glass is our representative customer.
Taiwan Glass has purchased our silica pebbles and silex lining bricks for a long time. This visit has deepened our understanding of the customer's factory and the customer's use needs. Laying the foundation for better customer service in the future. In addition, the face-to-face communication with the factory also helped customers solve more product installation problems. Consolidated the cooperative relationship at the same time.

During our trip to Malaysia, we not only visited various factories and agents. We also led Chinese workers to complete the replacement of the lining brick of the ball mill for customer. Relevant installation guidance was given to the factory workers to save costs for future installation needs. The correct installation method can also enable the alumina lining bricks to play a longer-term role, reduce replacement and operating costs.

Dalian Gaoteng always maintains the original intention of continuously benefiting customers, and continuously improves the ability to benefit customers. Insist on providing customers with the most suitable products.

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With the development of business, Gaoteng has gradually become the global procurement center of customers, global sourcing & one-stop shipping service can be provided, we are finding more possibilities for future development, create more value to be a reliable partner and friend of you

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