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Effect of Lining Materials on Grinding Efficiency
2020-03-25Source:Author:Dalian GaotengClicks:329

Effect of Lining Materials on Grinding



The different material of ball mill lining has great influence on grinding efficiency. The liner material is required to have high hardness and toughness. The hardness show not lower than the maxinum hardness of the crushed material. The liner shouldn't contain harmful components that contaminate the material.


Alumina lining bricks & silex lining bricks are widely used at present. Alumina lining bricks is more expensive, but the quality of the slurry is higher, will not be polluted by the impurities contained in the lining. Silex lining bricks' hardness is higher, have certaian toughness, but because natural stone has its own structural defects. Such as crack, symbiosis with other rock ore, containing iron and titanium and other harmful components, also make its application received a certain limit, but because the price is relatively low, still has a greater market competitiveness.


Our company not only can provide alumina lining brick, but also can supply silex lining bricks. For silex lining bricks, we have our own mine and factory, finished silex lining bricks and rough silex lining bricks can also be provided. The finished bricks are made by manual processing according to the size of ball mill, it can be directly installed. The workers have more than 30 years of processing experience, they are very professional. You only need to tell us the ball mill size, then we can calculate the total quantity and quote for one set silex lining bricks for ball mill.


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