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Silica Pebbles In White Cement Industry
2020-01-09Source:Author:Dalian GaotengClicks:261

Silica Pebbles In White Cement Industry


In order to avoid iron pollution when grinding white cement, pebble is usually used as grinding medium.Due to the rapid development of white cement production in recent years, pebble as a grinding body requires certain specifications, and its regeneration cycle is long, so the contradiction between supply and demand is increasingly tight, and the price is expensive.


At present, China's cement plant has replaced pebbles with silica pebbles as grinding media, which has the advantages of reducing cost and improving quality, saving grinding and packaging time.


1. The chemical composition and physical properties of silica pebbles are similar to those of pebbles, so there is no adverse effect on the physical and chemical properties of white cement.


2. Can reduce cost and improve quality.Silica pebble is less likely to break than pebbles, reducing the wear and tear on the grinding media and protecting the machine from congestion.In addition, silica as a grinding media will not affect the whiteness of white cement, and because the price of silica pebble is lower than the cost of cement, silica powder can be used as a mixing material.In the production process also appreciated, has its superiority.


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