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Widely used silica pebbles
2019-03-06Source:gaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:44

Silica pebbles (flint pebbles) are widely used as grinding media for ceramic industry, Glass industry, Zircoum silicate,Cement and so on.

At last, Gaoteng international provide both natural flint pebbles and man-made silica pebbles. natural flint pebbles are from the sea or river.

man-made pebbles are from the mine. The rocks are grinded in the ball mill over 6 hours, then becoming round.

The hardess and shape of man-made pebbles are better than natural. What's more, it does better for the environment.

We have exported man-made silica pebbles to many regions and countries for many years, such as Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, America, Oman···

We are confident in our quality and service.

Hope our products can also meet your demand.