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Shipping Status Bulletin
2021-11-29Source:Dalian GaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:121


Recently, several Southeast Asia ports have experienced port congestion in succession:
The congestion rate of Port Klang is 14.5% higher than normal;

The congestion rate of Tanjung Pelepas port (Tanjung Pelepas) was 29.9% higher than usual;

Jakarta's container hub Tanjung Priok (Tanjung Priok) was 6.7% higher than normal;

Manila's congestion rate also increased by 6.5%.


Moreover, the ship schedule is chaotic and the shipping company has no reason to postpone it. In addition, some shipping companies have also issued notices of price increases in Southeast Asia routes. In early December, the Dalian-Klang ocean freight has exceeded $2,000/1*20'FCL. Ex/Import company would be better to adust the plans to avoid peak sea freight cost.