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What aspects of grinding media will affect the crushing effect
2021-09-02Source:Author:Dalian GaotengClicks:242


1. The influence of the hardness and density of the grinding media
Generally speaking, the higher the density of the medium, the higher the grinding efficiency; the higher the hardness, the lower the abrasion and the higher the purity of the product.


2. The influence of the shape and size of the grinding media on the crushing effect
The size of the grinding medium determines the number of contact points between the grinding medium and the material. Under the same volume: the smaller the particle size of the grinding medium, the more contact points and the higher the crushing efficiency.
In addition, irregular media will be subject to greater self-wear, which will cause obvious pollution. Therefore, spherical media are mostly used in practical applications.


3. The influence of the production method of the grinding media ball on the crushing effect
For the grinding balls of the same material, due to the different production methods and control techniques, the degree of wear resistance is quite different.


4. The influence of the gradation of the grinding media on the crushing effect
When the total mass of the grinding media is the same, the impact of different grinding media ratios on the grinding effect is also different. Generally speaking, the size distribution of the medium is regular in the continuous grinding process. In order to reduce costs, the method of supplementing large balls is often used to restore the grinding ability of the system. It is difficult for the mill to maintain a fixed media ratio during long hours of work. If the diameter of the media is too different, it will aggravate the ineffective grinding between the media, that is, the large media grinds the small media, which increases the cost of the grinding process.
Therefore, in order to make the grinding media ball of the grinding equipment meet the requirements of impact and grinding, it is necessary to carry out "grading" and select grinding media of different particle sizes for mixing to achieve better grinding effect.


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