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New Production——Ready To Press Powder
2021-08-09Source:Dalian GaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:350


Good news! We are glad to introduce our new product——Ready to press powder!


Our company supply various grades different content Alumina press powder, including alumina granulation powder 99 porcelain series (Up to 4N grade 99.99% alumina), alumina granulation powder 95(96) porcelain series, alumina granulation powder 90(92) porcelain series; And ZTA toughened porcelain granulation powder series, zirconia powder, Micro powder, porcelain powder, color porcelain granulation powder; In addition, we can also customize the production according to customer demands.


The granulation powder provided by our company is made from Japan, with high granulation accuracy, uniform particle size distribution, good fluidity and moderate strength. The billet body has high strength, excellent demolding performance and low firing temperature. The product has smooth surface and compact structure, which can meet the technological requirements of precision ceramics rapid dry pressing.


Application: electronic substrate, base, plunger, cylinder liner, wear resistant plate, seal, textile porcelain, acid and alkali resistant porcelain, high insulating porcelain, refractory, metallized structure, microwave porcelain, water valve, wear resistant plate, sealing plate and other fine ceramics.