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GaoTeng returned triumphantly from Ceramics China 2021
2021-08-02Source:Dalian GaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:211


In 2021, GaoTeng participated in the Guangzhou Ceramics Exhibition as scheduled, and this exhibition also gained a lot.


The silica pebbles, silica lining bricks, alumina balls, alumina lining bricks exhibited by our company, as well as the Japanese granulating powder commissioned by Japanese customers, were received attention and favor by domestic and foreign ceramic industry experts and factories at the exhibition site and online exhibitions. There are porcelain factories, glaze factories, sanitary ware factories, and so on.


What's more exciting is that we successfully signed a silica pebbles contract of nearly 100 tons at the exhibition site. Thank you for coming to the booth of Gaoteng-Xingya Silica Processing Factory. Thank you for your recognition of Gaoteng. We will also do our best to provide customers with the highest quality products and the most professional services.


PS: The 92% aluminum ball technical index data is 3.68g/cm3, the abrasion is 0.005%, and the density and abrasion comparison report of Gaoteng ball stone is better than French ball stone, which proves the high quality of Gaoteng's products.